The Project

"What you do not think correctly, you have to live wrongly."

The German-Jewish philosopher Constantin Brunner as through his correspondence.

Edition with critical commentary.

This project is being undertaken by the Seminar für Deutsche Philologie at the University of Göttingen [Institute for German Philology] in cooperation with The Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. It is funded by the Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, Germany, from May 2010 through April 2013.

The aim of this research project is editing the letters of the German-Jewish philosopher, social critic and follower of the Life Reform Movement, Constantin Brunner (1862-1937) whose influential work at that time is rarely acknowledged in current academic research.

Brunner’s exchange of letters is extensive, historically and philosophically exemplary, and impressive from the standpoint of the history of literature. The collection of his letters, which until today remained nearly entirely unedited and virtually unknown, will close a gap in German-Jewish intellectual, cultural and political history. The research project aims to present the person Brunner as well as his philosophical concerns. Moreover, by a broad historical contextualization, the project wants to facilitate a discussion of Brunner’s works.

Full Text Edition of the Letters on the Internet

Part of the project is to make all of Constantin Brunner's letters publicly available on the internet as a full text edition. The letters will be accessible via the server of the Center for Retrospective Digitalization (GDZ) in the Göttingen State and University Library as well as via the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

The complete letters will be transcribed in full, although published without any additional explanation of the content. The full text edition will be collated according to the original letters, true to the document, referenced (indication of source, transmission, dating, where necessary with information on the outward appearance and versions of reading) and in chronological order.

Book Edition of Selected Letters

A selection of the letters, significant for their historical documentation as well as being philosophically and literarily valuable, will be published in a critical edition with commentary, introduction and index, by the Wallstein-Verlag in Göttingen.